CM44S – Cutting island for insoles and soles

CM44S is a high productivity system. Without cutting dies it can cut insoles, heel seats, soles, toe puffs, counters on cellulose material, cellolose material with reinforced strip (and/or foam and/or textile), fiber-board, leather, neolite, regenerated leather, salpa, thermoplastic, etc. CM44 has two cutting heads with oscillating knife and a conveyor belt.

Indipendent Cutting Heads and Maximum Flexibility

The conveyor belt allows for the parallel execution of automatic material loading, piece cutting, and piece recollecting phases. The cutting heads can work without interruptions in a highly productive cycle. Fast and robust, the cutting heads have an oscillating knife and a marking pen. They work independently from each other on an area 1500mm wide and unlimited depth, optimizing the cutting speed and the material consumption.

Universal automatic loader

The loader is equipped with multiple clamping devices (18 needles and 18 suction cups) that are individually software activated, a motorized sheet centering system, and a sheet movement system controlled by 5 brushless motors.

It can load every sheet of material used in the insole or sole production and it is compatible with roll feeding.

Speed Meter conveyor belt

A patented system to locate the cutting with the maximum precision, with a speed meter band at the side of the rolling slide, optically scanned, that finds always the exact positioning of the conveyor belt, correcting also the eventually consumed slipping carpets

Laser placement, color collection

The integrated laser projectors always guarantee complete and optimum visibility of the piece shapes to be nested for every type and color of material. The large work area is illuminated by a system of LED lamps, each focused to avoid direct reflection in the direction of the operator and to better highlight the characteristics of the leather.


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