COM52 Programmable thermo-folding machine

Forget knobs, spanners and screwdrivers, and concentrate yourself on your work. Sit down in front of the COM52’s console and press the buttons to enter the features of your fold, adjusting the position of the creaser foot, of the guide and the lip turner, the photocells, the feed and the cement flow.

You can thus define 99 different folding styles in each feature and store them in memory. To start working, you just need to recall the requested folding style.


Quality and Productivity

To guarantee high quality also with the most difficult operations, the perfect harmony of the folding members is matched by the accurate speed and feed length control, by the correction of the folding width on the curved edges secured by the lip turner, by the servo-control of the knife that guarantees clean and precise snipping also at low speed and in addition allows alternating the snips to avoid lacerating the upper while folding curved edges with reduced feed length.

The rationalization of the internal mechanism, driven by a built-in COMELZ DC brushless motor, allows the experienced operator to reach high working speed (3000 rpm) obtaining a significant increase in productivity.

Adjustments and Memory

The operator gives the machine the directions regarding each aspect of the operation. Servo-controls operate therefore each working member adjusting its position and adapting its attitude as the curve of the component piece changes.

The features of each folding style are controlled by the machine’s computer, which can store them in memory and recall them precisely. The operator can use 99 memory records to define each folding style in regard to the adjustment of folding members, the speed and the feed length for straight edges, internal curve and external curve, the amplitude of internal and external curves, the continuous, alternate or excluded snipping, the cement flow.


Decades of experience and COMELZ high technological level originated a machine that marks the achievement of new levels of performance, operational efficiency and productivity.

All this thanks to the application of thoroughly innovative technical solutions in each of its aspects:

  • Folding members. The adjustment of all folding members are controlled through servo-controls co-ordinated by the machine’s computer that brings them under the operator’s dominion through the console and corrects their attitude as the curve of the component piece changes.
  • Feed. Low consumption COMELZ DC brushless motor; free from the mechanical activation of the knife, it allows reaching a speed up to 3000 rpm.
  • Knife. Activated by a servo-control independent from the main motor, it constantly allows clean and precise snipping, and alternated snipping as well.
  • Cement. The twin-joint cement distribution system, driven by a servo-controlled pump, features a fixed cement pot and no flexible parts.

The following optional equipment are available:

  • French style binding
  • Roll-top
  • Flat insole covering
  • Leather-goods wide folding


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