CT/M – Single Head Cutting Island

The innovative patented T-gantry structure (head on cantilever arm, sliding bridge and conveyor belt) creates a large work area shared with the operator and free from any support element, to work in two different operation modes: one static, ideal for prototyping a few pieces, and the continuous method to take maximum advantage of the cutting capacity. Although compact and of relatively limited dimensions, the CT/M is suitable for all types of hides commonly used (with the exception of whole bovine hides), for materials in sheets or rolls and is compatible with specific feed-in and alignment devices.

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CT/M, the utility cutter

Comelz introduces a compact new automatic cutting unit that can combine the advantages of a continuous work cycle on the conveyor belt with a simplified structure, a single cutting head, of highly immediate effect.

Static Mode – Prototyping

With conveyor belt idle, the head can operate over the entire nesting/cutting/collecting common area (1m deep) always visible and accessible by the operator, thanks to the suspended arm that keeps the sliding bridge beyond the work area in progress

Continuos Mode – Production

Moving the conveyor belt and collecting pieces on the back table you get the simultaneity of the three operations of nesting, cutting and collecting to optimize productivity, according to the original concept of Comely cutting island.

CT/M – LB: Leather Expert

The version CT/M-LB (leather bend) cuts leather outsoles at once and its equipped with a virtual marking of defects with vision system and late projector on a fully led illuminated area. Instantaneous automatic nesting. Pneumatic heavy duty cutting oscillator on micro-sectored vacuum area. Collection aided by color projector. At each advance of the conveyor belt, the whole leather bend, fixed by a powerful vacuum is quickly digitized automatically nested and cut, while along the conveyor belt the previous leather bend is collected on the rear table.

Stop&Go for cutting corners

The Stop&Go patented system, available in the pneumatic Comelz oscillators, speeds up the execution of fragmented corners because allows the blade to place in vertical controlled position during the very oscillation, in order to get in and out the material during the cutting of corners without moving the head vertically, which is slower.

Speed Meter conveyor belt

A patented system to locate the cutting with the maximum precision, with a speed meter band at the side of the rolling slide, optically scanned, that finds always the exact positioning of the conveyor belt, correcting also the eventually consumed slipping carpets.

Laser Placement, Color Collection

The patented multi-point vision integrated supplies information to the software modules that allow for automatic nesting, for re-cutting pieces, and to a sophisticated system, specific for logo typed, struped and checkered materials that automatically correct the position and/or the geometry of pieces according to the material distortions.

High Resolution Vacuum Power

The powerful vacuum power available to hold the material is optimized by a sophisticated vacuum system, that controls a large number of independent micro-sectors, each of just 10×14 cm. This concentrates with great resolution the vacuum power only when it’s necessary, considerably reducing vacuum leaks along the irregular outline of the leather.


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