CZ/P Personal Cutter

With the flexibility typical of cnc knife cutting machines, CZ/P recreates the same optimal working conditions of swing arm clicking presses. In the CZ/P, the work area is compact and ergonomic (1300 x 650 mm) and it is served by a cutting head mounted on a telescopic swing arm with axial rotation. This structure which was indeed inspired by swing arm clicking presses allows a complete accessibility of the work area that is unobstructed on the front and sides and has a rear pocket to accommodate the leather. The optional conveyor belt helps the movement of the material allowing an excellent flow of the work cycle.

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The “express” cut

Compact and flexible, CZ/P is always ready for action

A Unique Working Area

The retractable telescopic head creates optimal conditions for man-machine integration by facilitating the visibility of the material. The integrated laser projector projects distinct shapes of materials of every color and under all lighting conditions

A Multi-Use Cutting Unit

In addition to the compact design is the versatility of the multiuser cutting unit, the efficiency of the vacuum partialization system with micro-sectors, and the comfort of a good noise reduction system. For this reason CZ/P is also very suitable for design departments and small cutting facilities. The control software has a practical editor to import and modify CAD patterns, even in dxf format.

Stop&Go for cutting corners.

The Stop&Go patented system, available in the pneumatic Comelz oscillators, speeds up the execution of fragmented corners because allows the blade to place in vertical controlled position during the very oscillation, in order to get in and out the material during the cutting of corners without moving the head vertically, which is slower.

Integrated Vision System

The patented multi-point vision integrated supplies information to the software modules that allow for automatic nesting, for re-cutting pieces, and to a sophisticated system, specific for logo typed, that automatically correct the position and/or the geometry of pieces according to the material distortions.

High Resolution Vacuum Power

The powerful vacuum power available to hold the material is optimized by a sophisticated vacuum system, that controls a large number of independent micro-sectors, each of just 10×14 cm. This concentrates with great resolution the vacuum power only when it’s necessary, considerably reducing vacuum leaks along the irregular outline of the leather.


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