ESA NEK – Leather digitizer

The new ESA NEK leather digitizer, combined with Comelz cutting islands, is the most efficient system used for production cutting because it eliminates decompensation between the nesting time and the cutting time in such equipements and because it centralises on a standalone system the most skilled activities.

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Color my skin

For an accurate surface inspection of any type of leather, ESA NEK controls light intensity and color temperature.


Leather measurement/grading and yield calculation (based on real cutting simulation of single or multiple hides)

Leather digitalizing (marking of defects and quality areas) and pattern nesting (manual nesting, manual nesting of the main pieces and automatic nesting for all other pieces, automatic nesting)

Only leather digitalizing. A real time automatic nesting is done directly on it

A full vision

20 dual bichromatic dimmable led spots (2.700°K + 6.500°K) reach 11.000 lux on a King-size area of 3000x1400 mm.

10 closely positioned cameras, each with a small angle of view, digitize the entire work area.

3 laser projectors integrated grant optimal projection on any leather.

Speed Meter conveyor belt

A patented system to locate the cutting with the maximum precision, with a speed meter band at the side of the rolling slide, optically scanned, that finds always the exact positioning of the conveyor belt, correcting also the eventually consumed slipping carpets.

Laser placement, color collection

The integrated laser projectors always guarantee complete and optimum visibility of the piece shapes to be nested for every type and color of material. The large work area is illuminated by a system of LED lamps, each focused to avoid direct reflection in the direction of the operator and to better highlight the characteristics of the leather.


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