P55+ Punch cutting for patterns and insoles

P55 exploits the strength of punch cutting through an exclusive bridge structure with independent and synchronized mobile carriages. This original solution eliminates length limitations of the cutting area and allows a continuous and productive work cycle: no cuts to remove waste material, piece removal by fall and with the possibility to cut sheets with unlimited length or in rolls. 

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Completely automatic

P55+ is an automatic punching machine that eliminates dead time and does not require constant presence of the operator to remove pieces and waste or for frequent loading of the material

Versatility and Productivity

Due to its versatility and productivity, P55 is suitable for various contexts, from series development for pattern making to samples and small-medium production of insoles. P55 cuts in single or multiple layers a great variety of materials including cardboard, fiberboard, various plastic materials and all rigid materials.

Fast Tool Change System

The oscillating units of punch and micro punch (optional, for the smallest details) are manufactured with special high-resistance and light materials. They have a fast and easily accessible tool change system, an opening for materials up to 8mm thick and a pen for texts and marks.


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