RHD8+PS – Roll holder with Trimmer + Ply Shifter

RHD8 is the system for spreading sheets of material from rolls, trimming and aligning them. The use of RHD8 in combination with PS ply shifter and high productivity cutting island, both in on-line configuration (mainly with multi-roll feed) and off-line configuration (ideal for multi-ply feeding) guarantees speed and flexibility of use, especially in the case of small orders and low-plies.

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Modular flexibility

The RHD8 with trimmer, as well as the PS ply shifter, they are integrated with PT connected support modules for any length on-line and off-line solutions.

RHD8 – Trimming and locking

With circular rotating blade cutting unit with manual activation and locking/unlocking of layers at each trimming.

PS – Ply shifter

Re-aligning of multi-ply on a PT connected modules table and shifting on the cutting unit by means of a patented sliding drawer, without manual repositioning.


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