SPT4 Seam pressing and taping machine

 The SPT4 is a machine used to press and, at the same time, reinforce the seams by applying a self-sticking tape. The arm-shaped structure makes it easy to process the uppers of open and closed footwear, and boots as well. The efficiency of the feeding device of the upper and of the tape applying device accomplishes easy and fast operations.

Double Feeding system and Tape Feeding and Snipping

The motor drives both feed rollers; the shoe-upper is easily fed and the tape is always applied without wrinkles. It is never necessary to push the upper.

A photocell accurately controls the snipping of the tape and makes it easy to adjust the length; no attention is required of the operative. The tape feeding and snipping device is a very compact assembly that leaves ample visibility of the operation point. Besides, the uppers can be fed one after the other with no need to stop the machine. Productivity is consequently greatly improved.

Feeding Speed

The SPT4 is powered by a DC Brushless motor. Therefore the feeding speed can be easily and precisely adjusted.


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