The spirit of Made in COMELZ

Precise Sheet Metal Structure

Comelz developed a sophisticated technology to bend precise sheet metal structure that has been refined through a continuative cooperation with a highly qualified partner.

This technology is used to simplify the production, increase reliability and quality, but it also helps to achieve the typical compactness of Comelz design.

Integrated Technology

Every component in a Comelz product is designed and developed from the beginning to better integrate in an efficient and compact system.

Our R&D focusses on all the technologies that distinguish Comelz products, from mechanics to electronics, to software, they are all developed internally using the most modern tools.


Evolved Cutting Plans

The Technological potential inflects on the main features of the cutting plants.

Stop&Go for cutting corners

The Stop&Go patented system, available in the pneumatic Comelz oscillators, speeds up the execution of fragmented corners because allows the blade to place in vertical controlled position during the very oscillation, in order to get in and out the material during the cutting of corners without moving the head vertically, which is slower.

Speed Meter Conveyor Belt

A patented system to locate the cutting with the maximum precision, with a speed meter band at the side of the rolling slide, optically scanned, that finds always the exact positioning of the conveyor belt, correcting also the eventually consumed slipping carpets.

Laser placement, color collection

The integrated laser projectors always guarantee complete and optimum visibility of the piece shapes to be nested for every type and colour of material. The large work area is illuminated by a system of LED lamps, each focused to avoid direct reflection in the direction of the operator and to better highlight the characteristics of the leather.

High Resolution Vacuum Power

The powerful vacuum power available to hold the material is optimized by a sophisticated vacuum system, that controls a large number of independent micro-sectors, each of just 10×14 cm. This concentrates with great resolution the vacuum power only when it’s necessary, considerably reducing vacuum leaks along the irregular outline of the leather.

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