Machine for smoothing and reinforcing seams

ST Plus

ST PLUS The Comelz costing for footwear and leather goods related to materials synthetic and natural FORWARD IN EVERYTHING Mastering of the production process and the efficiency of the cutting process have allowed Comelz to develop a single program for superiority to other software in the market. SECTORS Leather Goods,...


鞋面制造 Computerized skiving machines Comelz offers computerized skiving machines and other equipment for the shoe preparation and upper manufacturing department. COMELZ PRODUCTS RELATED TO THE FOOTWEAR UPPER MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY CONTACT US Do you wish to know more about our products?Visit SECTORS page


Computerized bevelling machine. It always operates under the control of electronic sensors, so it self-registers, avoiding the operator wasting time and constantly maintaining the working parts in perfect efficiency

P55 +

Fully automatic punching machine that eliminates all dead times and does not require the presence of the operator to remove pieces and scraps or for frequent loading of the material.


Work area: 3000mm x 1400mm NEK The perfect tool for digitizing leathers The work area can be tilted to further improve ergonomy. SECTORSFootwear, Leather Goods, Automotive CONFIGURATIONSLeather Measurement/Grading and Yield Calculation, Leather Digitalizing, Comelz Nesting. Digitalizing wide automotive industry skins or multiple skins WIDE AUTOMOTIVEAND MULTIPLE SKINS Digitalizing wide automotive...


Work area: 3000mm x 840mm CZ PLUS XXL The CZ Plus series: the ultimate cutting machine Thanks to a symmetrical compact structure, even large hides can be easily loaded. The entire hide can be reached and flattened by either the front or the rear of the machine. SECTORS Footwear, Leather...


Work area: 1850mm x 840mm CZ PLUS L The CZ Plus series: the ultimate cutting machine The CZ plus series is the expression of Comelz goal to create flexible, versatile though high performing, technologically advanced and truly innovative. SECTORS Footwear, Leather Goods, Automotive, Apparel and Furniture. CONFIGURATIONS multi-ply synthetic cutting...


High production cutting islands with highly ergonomic inclined plane and integrated with an enlarged work area, but always totally dominated by the operator.


With the typical flexibility of blade cutting without dies, CZ / P recreates the optimal working conditions of the flag die cutters.

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